Biomotion & Eco – commitments



Biomotion’s commitments

The impact of road transport on the environment alone represent 57% of global consumption of oil and over a third of emissions of greenhouse gases.

More than a simple marketing point, sustainable development is the linchpin of our company dynamics. We campaign everyday through the CO2 Solidaire GERES association labelling which promotes sustainable environment and development thanks to voluntary carbon offsetting.


Our voluntary carbon offsetting

Biomotion is committed with his partner,  « GERES  »  (Environment and Solidarity Renewable Energy Group) leading sustainable projects reducing greenhouse gases by a system of carbon credits.

In 2010-2011, Biomotion has offsett 22.92 tonnes of carbon equivalent. This compensation contributes to climate protection,by a donation of 550€, to support a program of efficiency energy in domestic housing in cold regions of Afghanistan.


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